Friday, April 19, 2013

My Thoughts

My thoughts go out to the victims of the Boston tragedy and the event that took place in Texas. Looks like one of the bombers in Boston is dead and the other is on the run. I've listened to so much news that I'm going into overload. The media is desperate to find any angle they can on the two men who committed the crime, which is their job.
Whenever something like this happens, people spend an enormous amount of time wondering why the attacker(s) did what they did. I understand that the need to know these answers is great for those who need closure. I sincerely hope that understanding doesn't breed a desire to reform someone who has done such a dastardly deed. People like that need to pay, pure and simple. And I don't mean languishing in a prison for the rest of their lives with my tax dollars feeding, clothing, and providing them with cable tv.
The event in Boston is not a reason to overreact and call for more security that will infringe upon the rights of citizen. People need to understand that there is only so much that can be done in this dangerous world without turning us into a police state where our every movement is watched, and our rights gone. If you can't understand that the world is treacherous and that there's a risk in going out into it, then stay home where it's safe.

A word about my book. I pulled it from sales outlets such as Amazon to do some much-needed editing. It will be back up soon.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Updates to the website

Updates to the site.

1. Update to Flower of Chaos, a free weekly story about Linnae the thief and Quroth the Barbarian.

2. Here is a link to a petition to stop Amazon from buying a book for a week and then returning, thus giving a reader plenty of time to read the book and return it for there money back. Click HERE to sign the petition.
3. Update to Riddle and Quote.

4. A not-so-great line from a novel, somewhere.

“The drugged parrots pelted the village like a hellish rain of feathered fanny packs stuffed with claws and porridge, rendering Claudia’s makeshift rabbit-skin umbrella more symbolic than anything else.”